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Cut to Ribbons: A Golden Age of Slasher Films Top 20

Between 1978 and 1984 a sub-genre of the horror movie entered a gloriously brutal period of creative (and exploitative) endeavour. After several false starts, the slasher reached its pinnacle and fans were delivered shock and gore on a regular basis over the course of six bloody years  – IMDB cites 36 films released in 1981 alone. What marks the slasher […]

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Box of Delights – My Favourite Movie Box Sets

Any movie collector loves a good box set.  There’s something indescribably exciting about removing the wrapping for the first time and owning a set of films collected together, with a ton of extras and a booklet (if you’re lucky). It’s even more exciting when the movies are either being released for the first time or restored. At the risk becoming […]

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A Nightmare on Cuesta Verde: Poltergeist and the Spielberg Summer (Part one)

Thornton Heath, England, August, 1972 3:17am The house was still. Diane Thrower* stirred quietly, pushing off the duvet cover and rolling over to face the open window. Beside Diane, her husband William draped an arm across his wife. She gently placed moved his arm away, whispering gently, “It’s too hot.” Soon both were fast asleep. On the bedside table next […]

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Horror Films I’ve Never Seen: #6 – Clownhouse

Yesterday, I posted an article about Roman Polanski’s Repulsion that ended up, during the process of writing, more concerned about Polanski’s abhorrent crime and subsequent escape from justice than the film itself. During the piece, I also talked briefly about another equally shocking incident committed by another director, Victor Salva. During production of Salva’s full-length debut, Clownhouse, the director accosted […]