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The Prowler
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Cut to Ribbons: A Golden Age of Slasher Films Top 20

Between 1978 and 1984 a sub-genre of the horror movie entered a gloriously brutal period of creative (and exploitative) endeavour. After several false starts, the slasher reached its pinnacle and fans were delivered shock and gore on a regular basis over the course of six bloody years  – IMDB cites 36 films released in 1981 alone. What marks the slasher […]

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
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To New Beginnings! – Friday the 13th Part Five & Me

It’s summer. School’s Out as Alice Cooper said and I’m riding my bike through the narrow woodland that runs parallel to my street and down the hill to a friend’s house. We don’t have a plan for the late afternoon, just the usual hijinks; a clandestine look at his older brother’s collection of ‘special interest’ magazines, a sneaky cigarette (him, […]